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Everything we do, and always have done at H+K, is centered around ideas to earn attention. We are focused on crafting stories so powerful that media want to write about them, and people want to pass them on. We think cross channel, but are driven by earning engagement, respect and loyalty from all our work.

We don’t just have access; we harbour close relationships with reporters and editors around the globe. Our teams speak to media every day, and our network is extensive. We build awareness of our client’s position, ensuring large coverage volumes but always including key messages. We also mitigate against negative stories and position our client’s as trusted media resources.

And we train our clients’ spokespeople – including via a new virtual training offer for today’s environment – to deliver brand messaging to the media in the most effective ways to earn attention.

Global editorial network

As a global agency we use our network to provide powerful insights about the editorial and cultural agenda around the world, with a focus on key media markets. It enables us to react quickly as trends start to spread, plus plan stories with greater potential for global cut through.

Through monthly editorial meetings – fueled by local data and social listening – and real time communication, our Global Editorial Network discusses key topics, bubbling trends and client opportunities; working to both a short and long lead cycle.

Clients are invited to join the editorial meetings to hear first-hand from people on the streets in cities around the work, plus key global publishers attend to explore innovative partnership opportunities.

The H+K Global Editorial Network supports on the creation and testing of messaging and toolkits. It is aligned to H+K’s Global Innovation + Creative Hubs.

Brand journalism

Our team of in-house journalists enables us to identity and develop the smartest stories, packaged in first class copy that grabs the attention of media whilst aligning to brand tone of voice.

Lead by our resident Commissioning Editor, our editorial team is made of writers from lifestyle, tech and B2B backgrounds, enabling our client teams to tap into the right expertise for their story or audience.

As well as responding to set copy briefs, through investigating our clients’ worlds, our brand journalists’ source new unexpected stories, stories born to earn attention.

The editorial team works alongside our Smart Media services, including Behavioural Science and Search+, to ensure our copy is optimised for the audience and for reach. The team also collaborates with the Studio to ensure our stories are perfectly presented, using award-winning design to drive cut through and connection.

Smart Media

Effective PR today often requires a smarter approach. It requires greater rigor and more evidence. And as digital domination accelerates and virtual worlds become the norm, it’s critical that we continue to evolve our core craft, to ensure its fit for today and the future. With Smart Media we add science to our art.

Relationships and human connection will always remain critical to what we do, but its essential that data and technology sit alongside, to elevate the craft and further enhance its effectiveness. This combination enables us to develop the right stories and identify the right media partners, to not only reach audiences but cut through in a way that delivers tangible commercial value and build brand reputation.

Our Smart Media approach includes three key areas – smarter insight, smarter content and smarter publishing. Below are some of the product and services we offer.

Understanding the media and cultural landscape to create relevant, meaningful stories, and monitoring their effectiveness.

Space + uses AI to examine the interconnections of thousands of online news stories, helping us to see the size and shape of the conversations which the media and our target audiences care about.

Using this data, we identify the point which provides the greatest opportunity to drive cut-through – without getting caught up in competitive noise – to help create a distinctive editorial narrative. This smart story development can be tailored to drive specific outcomes, including reach, credibility and traffic.

Impact Score
The reality of reporting can be challenging, oversimplified or too complicated, expensive, time consuming – and sometimes, downright dull. So, our Data + Analytics team developed a new way to measure that integrates content and business data, building a central view of how your content programs are performing.

 Impact Score generates a single, numerical figure that measures the quality of a piece of press coverage. It enables us to apply a consistent measurement approach across markets, campaigns or individual articles, helping us to better understand our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities when it comes to media partnerships. We can build a customized analysis service, with metrics that are important to you and your brand.

Example Impact Score metrics include reach, prominence, image use, spokesperson prominence, messaging, social shares, sentiment, call to action and SEO impact.

Ensuring the most powerful assets to earn attention and create impact.

Behavioural Science
Our specialist behavioural insights and strategies team help clients better apply the science of human behaviour to the art of communications. As more of our communications become direct to audience, we need to be experts in the science of how people think, behave and make decisions. We need to understand the unconscious drivers of behaviours as well as the conscious.

We combine the latest behavioural science thinking with robust research capabilities to help clients create campaigns that truly understand and influence their target audiences.

Search+ uses the power of PR to deliver SEO value and traffic for brands. In a post-COVID world, marketers are under increased pressure to demonstrate the direct impact of all disciplines on the bottom line.

Search+ is a specialist content + publishing tool that helps clients consider search engine optimization specifically through the lens of PR. It combines SEO methodology with earned media expertise to create interest and credibility through third party endorsement, and deliver increased SEO value, traffic and measurable impact.

Search+ consultancy includes search and trend driven creative, keyword identification and analysis, publisher awards and endorsement strategy, and content and toolkit optimisation.

Targeting the right media and people of influence, and ensuring brand voices are fit for today’s media landscape

Smart media lists
Our data-led approach to media identification allows brands to engage the outlets that will drive the most impact against KPIs. Using a collection of data points, we build on the knowledge of our teams working with media every day, to hone a media list that is truly fit for the audience and brief. We analyze and score titles against seven metrics, so whether the brief is to deliver thought leadership, cultural cut-through or SEO value we are able to build a bespoke list of targets that will be most effective at meeting the objective(s).

Our Smart Media Lists encourage greater efficiency to media relations, reducing waste and increasing impact. Globally we work with local teams to validate and enhance their media universe.

In a world where clients are looking to form earned-first, authentic relationships with influencers, there is no greater partner than a PR partner. Our private influencer network built with CreatorIQ curates our experience and knowledge of creators around the world. Machine-driven, human-optimized, it provides us with an end-to-end solution for engaging influencers of every kind, from selection and vetting through to approvals and measurement.

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