So you’ve got your business off the ground but you can’t seem to get the knack for reaching people with social media.  It seems like a battle of David vs. Goliath.  You don’t have the audience nor the budget of a mega-corporation.  Chances are, you may be using Twitter wrong, but you’re in luck because your agility will allow you to use Twitter more effectively.
Often your social media messages and your actual customers are two ships passing in a very crowded night.  The trouble is that you’re probably broadcasting a lot of messages to very few customers.  The key to making your messages heard is not speaking louder or more often but being a better listener.
Listen:  You’d be surprised as to who is talking about your products or needs your services.  You’re probably already an expert at your product, and Twitter makes it very easy for you to identify other experts or those who are in need.
Join in: Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and dig in.  If you wanted to work at a multinational that had a layer of separation between itself and its public, you probably would be.  So there’s no time like the present to get amongst it. Not only will you be engaging people directly but you may also find out a new use for your product or a way of communicating about it that you weren’t previously aware of.
Be your brand: Getting involved will also allow you to shape and develop your brand voice. Your customers will respond well to a brand that has an authoritative, enthusiastic voice – your voice. Use this time also to discover what tone of voice truly resonates with your target audience and use that to sculpt all of your brand communications.
Create:  Once you’ve listened and had a chat (and probably gained a lot more followers), it’s finally time to create your content.  You most likely had your brand voice down already but now you’ll have a wealth of means to bring it to light (as well as people to talk to).