We’re thrilled to share the news of our win for Influencer Strategy of the Year for our APPLEJACKS’ ‘Inciders’ campaign at the 2016 CommsCon Awards, Australia’s premier awards for the communications, public relations and social media industries.

The rise of the social influencer has never been more apparent than right now. This campaign, for our client Bacardi Lion, allowed us to inspire and harness cool people of myriad interests to champion APPLEJACKS in a very authentic way.

The CommsCon judges noted in particular it was our use of ‘real people’ as the element of the strategy that set ‘Inciders’ apart from the other nominees, proving dial-shifting, influencer strategies can be achieved without significant investment in celebrity.

The results:
• Within 90 days, we’d built an entire tone, character and mythology for the brand, gifting it a strong social footprint and ultimately engaging over 500,000 consumers on Facebook.
• Across the board, ALL key messages were reiterated in media and social conversations. Targeted media outreach resulted in enthusiastic editorial coverage (an estimated 1.7m eyeballs) and the brand was invited to sponsor multiple music and cultural events.
• In the target demographic of males 25-35, APPLEJACKS now enjoys 29%, 35% and 38% awareness in VIC, QLD and NSW respectively.
• Best of all, APPLEJACKS is now out-performing more established brands’
copy-cat cider-vodka lines in BWS stores, despite competitors out-spending them six to one!
• In the process, great content was produced for APPLEJACKS’ social platforms –amusing photos, creative artwork and clever videos – that now populates the website’s gallery.

If you’d like to hear more about the APPLEJACKS’ Inciders campaign or understand how clever use of influencers could positively impact your business (over a cold bottle of APPLEJACKS cider, of course), just ping me a note to set up a time –  Penelope.holloway@one.hksandbox.com